The Water Project
In the end we have only one thing to hang on to: our experience.
And, as is often the case, this portfolio of images is about my experience.
As I experienced one subject I visualized another. I’m not talking about metaphor. I’m talking about contentedness, oneness, unity. In creating this portfolio of images I could plainly see that anything can be, and is indeed, everything.
I used water to convey this concept because water is the common denominator to all life on this world. It shapes, makes, creates and denies existence. It is the common thread to all beings. Perhaps it is our being.
While viewing jellyfish I saw the clouds. While viewing clouds I saw the jellyfish. While gazing down at the ice I saw stars and galaxies, the seemingly still movement of the Cosmos, the vastness and accessibility of space. Watching the river I saw the sky. Looking at the sky I saw the ocean. I saw how a single drop can make a difference. Drop by drop we are connected to this water and through this water we are connected to each other and all of creation past present and to come.
Anything is everything.
Jack Mader
May 2006
Jack Mader © 2023
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