I grew up near a large lake whose surrounding area was pock marked with a plethora of small wetland ponds. I remember some winters of my childhood when the ice and cold would precede the snow and the ponds would freeze over safe for walking. While others were skating I would gaze at the surface of the ice and be fascinated at the suspended universe spread out in front of me.
That fascination has not gone anywhere. Every winter I hope for early cold and snow-free lakes. With my head down and eyes trained on the ice I gaze at a world as large as the Cosmos and as small as the microorganisms trapped within the ice and the camera’s frame. When my ice-abstraction photography works best the images conjure up mystery, views from the vastness of space and galaxies far away, or perhaps, an intimate view of our immediate world as if through a microscope.
Jack Mader © 2023
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