Reading Material
The books gathered for this series have been obtained from areas that were once inhabited by transients and homeless people. The books were found in carrying bags, suitcases and out in the open, in and around abandoned campsites.  Many of the books have spent years out in the elements of sun, rain and snow. The books were carefully removed from where I found them and I then brought them into my studio. There, I photographed them as though they were ancient relics.
Occasionally in this series, the title of the book and/or the author’s name may appear in the image. This is merely a coincidence and has no affect on the narration, as the images in this series are not about the story line in the text or the author.
Ultimately, this series is a narrative about the effects of time and the elements, the essence of books and an exploration of what it is that makes a book be what it is and how someone might use a book for something other than its intended purpose.

Jack Mader © 2023

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